Tuesday, April 17, 2012

new term

Back from hols and deepest, darkest France. The 'Chateau' is coming along nicely. We managed to do a few jobs but also found time to relax a bit - the family needed some down time!
The dining table (made from a cut-down set of bunk beds) acquired a top (pine floorboarding) and was christened at a very pleasant supper with friends round. Like an idiot I totally forgot to take any pics! It still needs edging to neaten it off, so that's my excuse. I'll take some when it's completely finished, promise. The weather was a bit mixed but that didn't stop us getting out and about. Poitiers, our nearest big town has undergone a big paving over, not necessarily improving it in my opinion. Managed to visit a local brocante but didn't pick up any bargains, although the prices this year seemed more realistic than previously - Les stallholders have probably decided it's better to sell at a reasonable price than not to sell at an exhorbitant one- let's hope the same pricing strategy holds for the summer!
Art tomorrow in school so, if I remember, there might be some pics to brighten up the next post.

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