Sunday, May 6, 2012

there be dragons

Around town yesterday were displayed lots and lots of cars - mostly brand spanking new models. There were supposed to be some older vehicles but all I could spot were a Renault 4 (painted and done uplike a dogs dinner) and a Fiat 500 (souped up and lowered). Perhaps the fact that it was raining persuaded many of the classic owners to keep their prized possessions in the garage - I can never understand owning a car and not actually running it - you might as well hang it on the wall! Anyway, under an underpass I spotted these fantastic machines. They were being readied to be 'driven', though unfortunately I couldn't stay around to see if they managed to escape from their shelter. They were made from small sheets of welded metal to resemble dragons and such like. The confines of the underpass meant that the pics don't really do them justice - that and the fact that I'm not very good at taking pics!

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