Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I was toying a few weeks ago of letting my Folksy & Etsy shops quietly close - I was finding it a struggle to promote them and consequently nothing was selling. In the last couple of weeks things have turned around. I sold the latest 'Peggy' and a painting! They must be getting visitors from somewhere who like the sort of stuff that's in there. So, onwards and upwards. I'll try to keep them well stocked and make a bit more of an effort to promote them somehow. That's after I've finished writing the end of year reports and marked the yearly assessments! Managed to doodle a few cards today during lunchtime. Hand-drawn images on yellow card. Might package these up in 3's and see how they go. It's just as easy to draw them as to mess about printing them. Might add some spot colour for the lips, eyes, hair or dresses.

Hand-drawn cards, A6 (single fold), pen.

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