Monday, June 24, 2013


Today we hosted a group of children from a local German school. I had to do an art activity that lasted no more than 25/30 mins. for 3 successive groups.  I decided to hit them with my trusty 'snow-cone figures' concept! From an ice cream cone (ein eis) we drew a variety of different figures - astronauts, ballerinas, skateboarders etc. I guided the children through a couple of them, step by step and then encouraged them to come up with ideas of their own.

They responded really positively and came up with some very interesting sketches - even more so when I showed them that an ice cream cone (with cherry!) can also be used as the starting point for drawing animals.
Their teachers seemed suitably impressed with their efforts and took away spare copies of the booklet to use with other children in their school.

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