Wednesday, September 4, 2013

back again

The new school year has started - though not quite in the way I was expecting or looking forward to. I had eagerly spent the summer anticipating setting up and using my new art room to it's full capacity. Unfortunately one of my colleagues has had a nasty cycling accident during the summer hols and is off work for several weeks. I therefore have been 'volunteered' to cover his class whilst he recovers. So instead of being up to my armpits in paint, clay and glue I've gone back to the reality of day to day classroom stuff. This is as far as I managed to get with setting up my new room.
The stools are from IKEA. I decided that they would be far more practical than chairs - you can push them under the tables better and, as the children have to sit on them properly rather than just balancing on the edge as they seem to do on chairs, they take up less room when in use. My local branch only had the stools in 3 colours - but I assembled them all mixed up.

Meanwhile in class, as we slowly get to know each other, I've managed to sneak in some creative stuff. Today I gave each of them a small booklet with pre-printed shapes, lines and patterns. Their task was to use the printed matter to create pictures. These are a couple of things they came up with;

It may be that I might just be able to keep my sanity intact if we can keep producing stuff like this. Although, here's wishing my colleague a full and very speedy recovery!

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