Friday, December 20, 2013

some pics!

Managed to get on a computer that works! Here are a few pics of recent stuff.
 Y3 fabric printing using balsa wood blocks/sticks.

 One of the Roman costumes for the xmas production.
 The centurion version.
 In Y1 we made wrapped decorations.
And finally. I've been dabbling with simple automata. The clown is poseable (he has elastic fastened joints) and he twirls round when the handle is turned. In this photo he is holding a cocktail stick because I haven't managed to get hold of one of those little cocktail umbrellas yet! (he's been made to 'hold' anything in his hands so long as it is light enough).

The simple mechanism.
I'm toying with the idea of putting the automata in my shop(s). Would love any views as to the saleability/price that could be asked. I've got a poseable ballerina one too!

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