Thursday, January 10, 2013


Having just about sorted the image issue with Blogger I've now hit a snag with getting the photos off the camera in the first place - we've got a brand spanking new computer today (the old one just kept shutting itself down whenever it felt like it) and it hasn't got a slot for the memory card (unless I've not looked properly!). I'm going to have to get a cable tomorrow and try with that. To add jam to everything, the new computer is running Windows 8 !! Just when you get the hang of something they go and change it, and, as they say in some parts of Yorkshire, 'Change is not good!'. Still, I love a challenge. So, sorry there are no new pics of footy players - even tho' I've done a couple more - you'll have to wait until I get things sorted.


Gretel said...

Ha, welcome to the strange world of Windows 8 - you get used to it, eventually - we got a new computer just before Christmas, and it's taken a while to get used to the floating and disappearing menu bars! Happy New Year!

jfidz said...

Happy new year Gretel. I can see lots of pluses to windows 8 - if only I could get past the minuses. Perseverance.