Friday, January 11, 2013

getting there

Think I'm beginning to get to grips with things. Still having to 'trick' Blogger into uploading my pics but am slowly warming to the idiosyncrasies of Windows 8.
First up today - in y6 we sketched and then painted tonal/aerial/atmospheric (choose according to preference) perspective pictures. They painted straight into their sketchbooks - the ones we use have a lovely heavyweight paper that takes paint quite well.
Our Globe model is nearing completion. The seating units were glued onto a baseboard and the 'thatching' tidied up to fill in the gaps between them. You can just see the stage taking shape at the bottom. The current plan is to have the back of the stage area open so that puppet-type shows can be performed to an 'audience' whose head and shoulders will be in the central space normally occupied by the 'groundlings'. It will be just like being there - almost.

And finally, I couldn't let you escape without another footy picture. 'Christmas 1914' depicts the first international encounter between England and Germany (unless there are some very knowledgeable soccer historians out there who can name both teams from an obscure pre-war fixture).
Again, ink and pencil crayon on paper, roughly A4 sized.

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