Thursday, April 18, 2013

dummy mock-ups

Been playing around with the box thingy idea that you might have seen previously on this blog. I must fathom out how to put those links to previous postings at the bottom, like everyone else seems to do. Am tentatively thinking of going with Q'oobs or possibly CUBEz ( the latter would fit in better with my overall 'branding' ! - please don't hurt yourself laughing) as a concept name. These two rough dummies came about because Y3 are studying the Ancient Greeks whilst Y1 are looking at 'water, water everywhere' as a theme - it's supposed to be a piranha!

I'm thinking of putting a little book together detailing how to make a variety of models all from the same very simple starting point. I would welcome any thoughts or ideas. I'm aiming to self-publish and sell through Etsy/Folksy as per my best-selling (!!) book - 'A is for Art' (please check it out in my shops on the right of this post).

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