Wednesday, April 17, 2013


A few pics of stuff we've been doing around school over the last couple of days. Y2 are about to start a project on mini-beasts (and maxi-beasts ie. dinosaurs!) so we drew some spiders. In the top left corner you can see the child's initial drawing of what they thought looked like a spider. He was amazed at what he came up with following some guidance. 
In Y1 we completed our project on vehicles by constructing a rolling chassis and adding suitable bits and pieces to represent a specific form of transport.

In Y5 we looked at toys made by children in less fortunate parts of the world and then set about creating our own from bits and pieces that we had lying around - off cuts of wood from earlier projects, lengths of thread/wool, bits of wire etc.

In Y2 we also put together our Fire of London display using the mixed media pieces we created just before the Easter hols. It just needs a few written pieces to finish it off.

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