Thursday, May 1, 2014

no time to breathe!

A very busy last couple of days in school. In FS1 they are currently looking at 'when I grow up...'. So we did drawings that literally grew up!

In Y3 they've just started studying the Ancient Greeks so we drew Greek warriors and mythical beasts. Next week we'll be making pots using the coil method, which we'll then decorate with similar images.

 Today, Y1 painted some huge papier mache trees. We completed 5 in all - they will form part of a magical forest (hence the strange colouring!).

And finally, in Y2 we drew some dinosaurs.

Oh and we've also been making clay islands (based on an upturned thumb pot) but I didn't manage to get any pics! Nearly the weekend - might have a chance to recharge!

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