Tuesday, September 4, 2012

off to work we go

Back to school tomorrow. The summer hols seem to have lasted forever this year- probably because for the first time in about 6 years there wasn't a gifted & talented summer school at the start - so we managed to spend almost 5 lovely weeks at our 'chateau'! Didn't manage to do very much in the way of DIY as it was just too hot!
Whilst in deepest, darkest France I was however contacted by someone wanting to use one of my paintings for a publicity brochure (for performances of 'Brassed Off'- which is a superb play/film that you should make an effort to see.). Couldn't see any harm in it so I gave permission and am waiting for a couple of copies to land on my doormat.
The big news is that I've not got a class responsibility this year but am instead going to be teaching just art/design technology throughout the school - yay!! Am really looking forward to a fantastically creative year with all of the children - even the threat of an impending Ofsted inspection can't dampen my spirits. Hopefully will have lots of pics to share in the very near future.

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