Wednesday, July 17, 2013

this week

As school draws to a close - though we don't finish until next wed - we've been busy creating yet more masterpieces!
As a whole school we created a plethora of patterned squares using pens, crayons, glitter, sequins, buttons and all manner of other bits and pieces. These were then glued onto pre-drawn paper patterns. The result can be seen below - it all occupies what was once just a blank expanse of yellow wall. Can you spot the homage to Morecombe & Wise ?
Each figure is about 150 cm tall - each square is 10x10cm.

In y5 today we were inspired by the work of Kandinsky. We used watercolours to create our own abstracts.

This one is called 'Le Tour'. Can you pick out the bicycles and the yellow jersey amid the chaos that is the peleton?

And finally ... here are a couple of pics of what will be my new art room! This is a view from the doorway - the windows stretch the length of the far wall, so plenty of natural light. I'll need to fit upwards of 30 children + desks, stools etc in here as well as storage.
And this is the view from the opposite corner back towards the door. It's very much a blank canvas (I've tried to remove all trace of it being the former FS2 room!) - I can't wait to put my stamp on it and turn it into a welcoming, creative learning environment.

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